The Baptist Church of Driftwood
Saturday, September 25, 2021
A Place for New Beginnings


As churches go we have a very unique history at the Baptist Church of Driftwood. According to the book The History of Driftwood, the Driftwood Baptist Church was organized on July 20, 1898 at 11 a.m. It is not known exactly where the people met to organize the church but it is believed to have been in the Reaves Schoolhouse.
Soon after the church was organized an acre of land was obtained and a small box-type building was erected. The Reverend A.J. Parker was the first pastor and services were held once a month. In 1911 the congregation decided to move the building nearer to the present Driftwood Community Center and an acre of land was acquired on which to place it. Not all the members were in favor of relocating the building, but the majority prevailed. The building was taken apart and relocated to the new site, but night prevented it from being set on its foundation. A wind storm came that night and flattened the little building in a pile of lumber. And as you can imagine, those who were not in favor of moving the church believed the Lord had spoken!
Fortunately, the members of the Driftwood Methodist Church invited the Baptists to join them and the two congregations worshiped together for 100 years. The Methodists led two Sundays a month and the Baptists led two Sundays each month. In 1998, the Baptists decided to reorganize under the name "The Baptist Church of Driftwood." We purchased acreage on which to place a modular chapel, where we worship each Sunday. We have plans and specs ready to build a new worship center in the near future as the Lord leads us.


Sunday Morning

9:45 am Bible Study

10:45 am Worship Service


Wednesday Evening

6:30 pm Prayer and Bible Study